Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wow.. I am back!

I can't believe it has been over a year since I have posted on this blog. It proves to show I was busy the year before. God, I so miss this blog. This is the most personal of all my personal blogs. I can freely say what I want to say without thinking overmuch of the grammar and stuff.

Okay, first off.. I would want to revive this blog. This is my baby and it hasn't grown.. poor poor baby. I may have more free time this year, which suits me just fine.

For one thing, I finally have a laptop or rather, Gigi has a laptop which he generously lend me. It also helps that some clueless neighbors haven't restricted their wifi connection and I am leeching.

I am planning to take blogging more seriously, a feat that I was unable to do for the past year due to super busy schedules and being preoccupied with super projects. Haaah.. what a year.

I am also interested with learning CSS and blog template designing. That would be a real cool skill. It's about time I put some use to that college degree I graduated from.

Okay so now that my enthusiasm has been piqued, I wish it would stay that way.

Monday, December 10, 2007

14 Days to Christmas

Sakto ba akong math? Well anywaaayss... Hapit na Christmas!! Can't wait to go home and sleep all day with Mama's home cooked meals waiting at the table when I wake up. Haay life.

But before that happy days forthcoming in the very near future, I still have to work my ass off to pay for the gifts and THE BILLS. Hurot na akong 13th month pay, huhuhu. Sige lang, the money was of great help to a few people.. :)

I am poorer this Christmas compared to last year. Feel na feel jud to nakong pamalit ug gifts last year, pero karon walay gana kay walay kwarta. Hahaha. Sige lang, I'll manage. I wish my manito/manita gives me the bag that I asked for! Haha. As of now, I shall forget gifts for myself and budget for my gifts to others. How sad.. :( Pero spirit of Christmas man daw na, so there you go.

The coffee's laxative effect is working right now.. Sh*t (literally!). BRB. Hahahaha...

Thursday, December 06, 2007


We're having manito-manita at our office for our Christmas Party and we're supposed to give something every week. Today, I received a cute cellphone charm from my manito or manita. Love ko niya, haha. I wonder who he/she is.. hmmm..

The thoughtfulness behind this gift makes it more valuable than its face value. We are extremely busy with our work, and he/she probably has other stuff going on after work but yet he/she found time to buy me this gift.. ahhhwww..

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

SEO-ing Car Leasing Secrets!

I need to increase the PR for Car Lease Specials site!!! Diyos ko, kanus-a pa man ni?! Hehehe. If anyone wants to read/know anything about Car Leasing, car renting, car lease deals, car auto quotation, car leasing secrets, or just plain auto-related information, is the place to be! Dili ni tiaw-tiaw.

We have a blog and article site where you can dig up the past articles and posts. And you can avail the price quotation of the cars you want to lease.

Owkay? So, go to the Car Lease Specials site, now!

If there's someone with a good heart out there with a PR on their blogs, please link to (Shameless plugging)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Let Go

Free fall.
I will never be that good so might as well let it go.
Tired of thinking, tired of wishing, so tired of conniving.
Might as well let it be and free fall.
Then we'll see.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I finally applied for an SSS ID today. I was always dreading to go and apply for an ID, the long lines and crowd are pretty intimidating, but Gigi and I just went and braved the stampede of people at SSS... and conquered the odds. Char, hehe.

Applying for the ID was a breeze, no challenge in fact. I already have my SSS number and a printed ID clearance that can be found in the internet. I made a step by step walkthrough on how to apply for an SSS ID found in my new blog: (Yup, I have a new one... Again).

The domain name is courtesy of Bagsy, my genius frendshep, hehe.

Haay.. dugay na kau ko wala kasulat dire. Well anyways, we saw the movie Wild Hogs last Saturday after our dinner date (char, ihirit jud ang date, haha.. basta). The movie was hilarious. A must-see movie. Kataw-anan jud kau cya, sobra. According to Gigi, it is the first time he saw John Travolta with no girl clinging at his side.

Also saw Ang cute ng Ina Mo. Laughtrip pod. Pinoy slapstick with a twist. Same level as Tanging Ina which was also very funny. Eugene Domingo really is silly. And cute kau si Anne, idol! There. Niamin najud ko na ganahan ko ni Anne. hehehe.. I like Luis too.

Hmm.. unsa paman updates ha.. wala naman siguro. Ay, I am currently watching Naruto and now at episode 40 out of 200? 300? episodes. I still have a hundred plus episodes to go. O, ingon ana ko kakugihan.. hehe. But I really enjoyed them. I wish I'm a ninja.. And love ko si Kakashi.. Kakashiiiii....

And also, I am a self-confessed PBB2 addict. Hate ko si Wendy!!! Bruha cya. And I'm loving Bruce every minute of everyday.. Haaaayyy... macho fafa.. Bruuuuuccceee... Bruskong-brusko ka talaga.. hahahaha. You might also see my username at some Pinoy Exchange forum about PBB2. heheheh.. Bwesit jud ni si Wendy, feel na feel kaung muscles ni Bruce. Ayoko talaga sa kanya. Tinalbugan nya si Dionne sa pagka-malandi. Si Bruce ko pa ang napili.

And love ko pa rin ang Bleach.. Go Ichigoooo...

Yup, wala koy work, that's why taas kau ako gisulat dire.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Been reading about ebay for a while and it was just 3 weeks ago that I have truly tried and experienced it. I bought an item from and it went well. Good in fact. Loved the item I bought. Then I wanted to buy an accessory for that item but haven't found one at the malls. So I searched at again and voila, there it was. I'm happy that both my ebay experiences aren't traumatic, hehe. Though the second item isn't what I hoped for, the transaction is still fine.

I also tried to sell a friend's Toshiba laptop. Posted it on, you can see it here. Had a few inquiries, thought it was good. It wasn't sold though. Naabot nalang ang end of bid time, hehe.

I had some conversation with an officemate and he said he had friends selling local products such as dried mangoes through ebay. That got me some ideas, hehe. Maybe I can sell pancit canton and dried dilis, hehehe.. I really am not that much of a businesswoman.. Haayyy..

But ebay sure got my interest. In fact, I subscribed to newsletters offering ebay tips, hehe.
If interested, you can visit for free ebay lessons.